Cryogenic Service Ball Valves WITH EXTD. BONNET UP TO -196° C

Cryogenic Service Ball Valves

Special Service Ball Valve


Maintenance free live loaded double sealing stem packing ensures high cycle’s life and positive sealing.
Blow-out Proof Stem
ISO5211 Mounting Pad Allows for mounting of actuator

These ball valves meet test specifications as per BS 6364. Applications such as deep freezing and cooling involve cryogenic technology based on nitrogen, oxygen and other gases. A special type of PTFE grade ensures excellent mechanical resistance and stable torques at low temperatures. The cryogenic stem extension is provided. It is manufactured as a one piece item with the stem for increased mechanical strength. This positions stem and stem packing away from cryogenic fluid to prevent stem seal freeze up and ensures superior performance. These ball valves can be provided with Integral mounting pad ISO 5211 and can be used for actuation.

General design & manufacturing: API-6D
Valve Dimensions: ANSI B 16.10 /B 16.5.
Valve inspection & testing : EN 12266 #800 #150 #300
Hydro Shell: 211 kg/   31kg/ @nbsp 77 kg/
Seat test: 7 kg/   7 kg/   7 kg/
Air Seat: 69 kg/   23 kg/   51kg/
Special Features: Fire safe to API-607 Metal to Metal Seat
Valve Type: 2-Way / 3-Way Ball Valve.
Body Type: 2pc Standard / 3pc Optional
Seat type: Soft / Metal.
End Connection: Flanged / Screwed / Socket weld end
Size Range: 15 NB to 50 NB for reduced port / full port
Pressure rating: Class 150, 300, 800
Seat Leakage: Class Vl-soft seat, Class V-Metal seat.
Operation: Hand lever/Gear / Actuator (Electrical / Pneumatic)

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